Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Meetings

Virtual meetings will be held from noon to 1 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month.

Meeting call in information can be found on the agenda.

March 14th at noon: Agenda

February 8th: canceled

October 12th: Agenda

August 10th: Agenda

May 11th, 2023: Agenda

April 13th, 2023: Agenda and Packet & Presentation

March 9th, 2023: Agenda

February 9th, 2023: Kick off meeting - Agenda & Presentation

Invitation to Participate in the TAC of the P/MA Committee

The GSA is working to initiate Projects and Management Actions (P/MAs) that will support the Basin to maintain sustainability. Design and implementation of these P/MAs will require input and planning from local groundwater users, which will be facilitated by the new committee. Provided the extended time frame related to Projects that could generate water supplies, Management Actions related to demand reductions are likely to become a focus for policy changes by the GSA Board in coordination with each of the three (3) agency Boards.

The P/MA Committee will have two tiers: (1) a GSA Board Ad-hoc Committee, and (2) a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). The TAC will provide input to the Board Ad-hoc Committee, and the Board Ad-hoc Committee will subsequently provide recommendations to the full GSA Board.

The TAC will hold monthly virtual meetings that will be open to the public; all landowners, non-profit organizations, and other interested parties are encouraged to participate.