White Wolf GSA Accomplishments

Basin Boundary Modification and Removal of Critical Overdraft Designation

As part of SGMA compliance, Arvin-Edison Water Storage District (AEWSD), Tejon-Castac Water District (TCWD), and Wheeler Ridge-Maricopa Water District (WRMWSD) acted jointly to successfully petition the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) to create a new groundwater subbasin south of the White Wolf Fault. The White Wolf Subbasin (DWR 5-022.18) was created in July 2016 and the “critical-overdraft” designation was removed.

Basin Boundary Modification Request


White Wolf Groundwater Sustainability Agency Formation

In May 2017, AEWSD, Kern County, TCWD, and WRMWSD submitted a Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA) formation notice to DWR. There is a 90-day period after submission during which DWR reviews the notice. According to this timeline, the White Wolf GSA is expected to be designated an “Exclusive GSA” for the White Wolf Subbasin in late August.

White Wolf GSA Notification


CASGEM Compliance

The California Statewide Groundwater Elevation Monitoring (CASGEM) Program tracks seasonal and long-term groundwater elevation trends in groundwater basins statewide. In June 2017, the White Wolf GSA submitted the required documents and data to CASGEM to become a monitoring entity. By taking on the role of a CASGEM monitoring entity, the White Wolf GSA demonstrates its commitment to monitoring groundwater levels in the White Wolf Subbasin and fulfills eligibility criteria for state grants related to groundwater management.

CASGEM notifications and data can be viewed on the CASGEM website by any interested party by creating a log in.


SGMA Portal

The White Wolf GSA has been designated as the exclusive GSA for the White Wolf Subbasin by DWR.  Please see the SGMA Portal and the image below showing the status of the White Wolf GSA as “Exclusive.”